Letter to Next Year’s Freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

I’m just going to be real with you, high school is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be and it was a really big jump from middle school. Take it from me, I never found school to be tough and I never really had to try until now. Freshman year has showed me that I shouldn’t procrastinate and that I should study for everything. Now, did I learn that lesson? No. I didn’t listen, I still procrastinated and did very little studying. I turned out fine but I could have saved myself a lot of stress and anxiety if I had listened, that’s for sure. My only piece of advice to you is, do what you’re supposed to do on time, even if it’s a hassle and you really don’t feel like doing it. Trust me it will work out for you a whole lot if you don’t go through the year like I did.


Ralphy R.

Object Poem

The short and vulnerable.

Like a young, growing child,

influenced by anything and everything it experiences.

Influenced by something as insignificant as the wind.

Picture taken by me.

Commenting Game

The first post I commented on was Lucas’s book review. I made a comment on this post because it was about a book that seemed to be capable of showing very inspirational themes. The comment I left on this post was: I really like how this book sounds. It seems very inspirational and it may even make someone shed a tear. You should check out my blog: ralphyr.edublogs.org.

The second post I commented on was Matin’s poem about the sun . I chose to comment on this because I very much enjoyed reading this short poem more than once. The comment I left was: I like this poem because of its simplicity. My favorite line in this is “Enjoy it before it touches your skin and leaves a mark.” You should check out my blog: ralphyr.edublogs.org.

The third post I decided to comment on was a book review of The People of Sparks by Birdie. I commented on this because I really like stories of groups competing for power. The comment I left was: I’ve actually never heard of the City of Ember series until now! It seems really interesting and I will definitely consider reading it. You should check out my blog: ralphyr.edublogs.org.

The fourth post I left a comment on was Hawaii – a poem by Amy. I chose to comment on this post because of its unique ending. The comment I left was: I am actually very happy with the way you ended this poem almost unfinished. It makes the readerbe creative and make their own ending in their head. You should check out my blog: ralphyr.edublogs.org.

The fifth and final post I commented on was Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt, a post by Riley. I commented on this because it really piqued my interest about what is going to happen in this book. The comment I left was: This book seems pretty interesting. I’m really curious about what happens to the kids considering they have no supervision whatsoever. You should check out my blog: ralphyr.edublogs.org.

Plastic Cups

     Admit it, you’ve used plastic cups at least once before, maybe you had a family gathering and you didn’t have enough glassware, or maybe there have been times when you just really didn’t want to do the dishes so you just use plastic cups. When you used those plastic cups, did you ever think twice about where they were going when you put them in the garbage? What about the drink that is in the cup, did you ever think about the chemicals doing anything to that drink you are putting in your body? At first glance, plastic cups may seem completely innocent but the reality is, it is incredibly bad for the environment and your health.

     According to How It’s Made, the process of making plastic cups consists of loading polystyrene pellets into a machine called an extruder that melts the pellets and shapes it into a hard plastic sheet. The plastic sheet goes through an oven that heats it just enough so that it is moldable then, it goes into the thermoforming machine that has the mold to turn the plastic sheet into plastic cups. The machine uses a vacuum system to get the plastic to fill the mold correctly, this process takes only three seconds and with that amount of time, thousands of cups can be made in no time. After the plastic sheets go through the mold, the cups are still attached so, they do to a machine called a trimmer where the cups are cut out and the leftover plastic is grinded and melted to be used in another plastic sheet. The cups are reheated one last time in order for another machine to form the lip of the cup. As you can tell, there is a lot of heating and reheating in this process and that uses a lot of energy.

Original Picture by Tmab2003

     After production comes usage.  Phthalates, bisphenol A, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and tetrabromobisphenol A are all chemicals that are used to made most plastics and are referred to as endocrine-disrupting compounds. This means that they each affect different elements of hormone disruption in the body such as thyroid hormone homeostasis disruption and anti-androgens. These chemicals are also made from monomers which is a known carcinogen. These chemicals are also made from toxic metals. You are putting a drink that has been in a cup that is made from cancer inducing substances and poisonous metals, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the ideal thing to consume because it could literally kill you. You might think that the chemicals would not leave the cup very easily, but it leaves easiest through liquids. You also have to take into account the heat that the cup is around, with heat the deadly chemicals are more likely to release into our drinks, bodies, and environment.

      Normally after people are finished using the cups, they discard them. According to Wikipedia that most plastic cups are recyclable. There is not always a recycling bin around and people normally just throw their cups in the garbage. So now, there is your plastic cup, in a landfill along with other garbage. Now your cup is vulnerable to heat and the chemicals will be more easily released into the soil and quite possibly groundwater. The deadly carcinogens that live in plastic is now in the water that people drink and they are more exposed to cancer. Let’s look past the chemicals, if any of those hundreds of thousands of cups that are thrown away end up in bodies of water that wild life live in, there is now another way for those carcinogens to get in our bodies if we eat the animals in the contaminated waters. The chemicals will also end up killing a lot of animals who may consume the plastic cups that ended up where they live because they mistake it for food. When animals eat plastic cups, it makes them feel full and they starve to death.

     In conclusion, plastic cups are bad when they are being produced, used, and disposed of. There are chemicals used to make plastic that could easily end up in the bodies of living organisms and eventually kill them through consumption and contamination. Hopefully, after learning about the dangers of using plastic cups, you will at least be more careful with the disposal of them. It’s strongly suggested that you recycle your plastic cups so they are less likely to end up killing or hurting any people or animals.

My Family

My family consists of my mom, my dad, my twenty-three year old brother Victor, and my two year old Great Dane Galaxy. We have lived in our house for about twelve years and I have lived in Columbus, Ohio since I came into this world. Lets talk about traditions, my family is from Dominican Republic and we celebrate holidays such as Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Years. Aside from holidays, a tradition that me and my brother have is, we go to amusement parks at least once a year and it is normally Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. In case you’re wondering about the rest of my family, my family is very big because both my mom and my dad have about twelve brothers and sisters each and those aunts and uncles have kids not only that, but some of those kids have kids. Most of my extended family does live in Dominican Republic and I have visited them about four times. We sometimes go on trips as a family but it’s sort of rare, sometimes a few years pass before we go on a trip and normally its driving to another state for the weekend. Finally, I love my family and I am happy to have them.

Child Abduction

Abduction is the act of taking someone with force against their will. Our society as a whole is becoming more and more unsafe especially for the younger generation. According to the article ‘Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness‘, in the approximate 120,000 abduction attempts that occur in the United States per year, about 4,600 children are successfully taken by strangers. Along with this, around 300 abductions per year result in children being killed, never found, or not returned to their families for months or in some cases, years. Abduction doesn’t always happen with strangers, sometimes family members will take a child away. There are 354,000 children that are abducted by family members for reasons such as divorce or reasons that strangers abduct children, unfortunately for themselves. An article called Child Abduction Facts states that every 40 seconds a child goes missing or is abducted in the United States alone. Child abduction and even exposure is becoming an even larger problem because of the internet. One in five children from ages 10 to 17 receive unwanted sexual confrontations online and this could cause a very big problem. Abduction reports don’t always turn out to be bad however. ‘Child Rescue Network‘ states that about 800 abduction reports turn out to be cases miscommunication and the child turns out to not be missing or abducted. I hope that this really informs you and if your parents care enough to inform you about the dangers of abduction, you are very lucky. We need to find a way to fight crimes against people targeting children. #leaveourchildrenalone
Original Picture by Kim Davies

How to Comment

  1. Stay on topic- When commenting on someone’s post always make sure that you don’t stray away from the subject matter too much.
  2. Don’t just use someone’s blog to get people to go to your blog- Include a link to your blog but don’t talk about it.
  3. Be nice- Don’t insult people or make fun of them, always be positive.
  4. Make your comment at least three sentences- A comment that has enough content in it is better for you to get a reply.
  5. Check your grammar and spelling and don’t use abbreviations- Just because you’re writing a comment, it doesn’t mean that it should be informal.

Black Mountain College Painting

I am blank and simple. I consist of one color, if you could even call me that. I am whatever you think I am, hope, afterlife, death, change, or a light shining into the darkness of someone’s heart or soul that is drowning in depression and anxiety. People normally use my color for hope, never death. I am confusing… I can be simple or complex, depending on how you look at me. I don’t know why people think I am worth so much, I am useless, I should not be important to anyone. I am four blank canvases.

Robert Rauschenberg White Paintings Facsimile, 2015 (after 1951 original) Oil on canvas Dimensions: 72 x 72 in. Robert Rauschenberg Foundation